How the mind works

You have five senses through which you perceive and explore the material world – sight,
sound, touch, smell and taste. There is so much going on around you that you only
consciously pay attention to the things you are required to or desire to. There is so much
information stored in your memory that you would go crazy if you had to think about it all.
Therefore, your mind filters the incoming information, compares what is to what is known
and stores in what is needed based on what is important in regard to your formed personal
beliefs system.
You have probably heard that we use only 5% of our brain capacity. The brain is not the
mind though. The brain is the material in your head, where the mind is amorphous. And
there are three levels of the mind – conscious, subconscious (or unconscious) and the
superconscious (or collective unconscious).
The conscious mind involves power and reasoning, it is critical and analytical. It rationalises
data, it judges and compares. It has logic and no feelings or emotions.
On the other hand, the subconscious is a powerhouse. It stores everything you have ever
experienced or perceived, all emotions, imagination, decisions and habits. It is the part that

knows everything about you, but it doesn’t judge, it doesn’t analyse. And its main purpose is
to keep you alive for as long as possible by supervising the automatic functions of the body.
It could be explained as a computer. Your brain is the hardware, your subconscious is the
software, the programmes that are installed, and your conscious is the functions you decide
to operate. And it works automatically and impersonally to achieve or impede goals of
success and happiness or unhappiness and failure, depending upon the programmes
installed. We operate 95% on subconscious level, running the programmes we have
installed and only 5% on conscious level.
You may wonder what kind of programmes and how they have been installed?
Well, between the ages of 0–7 (and even in the third trimester of the pregnancy) you are in
your programming years. During these years, you have spent most of your time in Alpha and
Theta brainwave cycles, which is the same state that a person is in, when they are in
hypnosis or deep meditation. You have been in a permanent state of hypnosis, being
programmed and pre-conditioned by the environment, experiences, perceptions and
decisions, open to suggestions, in a super learning state. Your subconscious stored (and
keeps doing it) every experience, perception, decision, action and idea, and operates on
conscious level based on those stored imprints. In order to change or modify any
programme or behaviour, the subconscious must be presented with ideas and suggestions,
alternatives and perspectives that are reasonable, desirable, acceptable and in its best
interest, and working on a deep level is required to do so.
About the superconscious mind, it involves processes of interconnectedness including
species memory, instincts, and genetic codes. This aspect of being is called the collective
unconscious or the collective awareness of all.
When the subconscious (creativity and imagination) and the conscious (logic and will power)
clash, the subconscious mind always wins.
Emotion always wins over logic. It is like, you know for example, ice-cream is full of sugar,
and you should not eat it, but the perceived pleasure it gives you will win over, and you will
eat it. If you really want to stop eating sugar, just using your will power would not work, or
you need to practice it for far too long or suffer to get there. Where, working directly with your
subconscious mind and reframing the installed belief that ice-cream brings pleasure to
indifference to it, will help achieve the outcome you desire faster and effectively.
That is what hypnotherapy can do for you.