Seven-week transformational programme for fertility
with Christina

Hello beautiful soul!

Are you 35 years and over and feeling too old?

Have you been on a fertility journey for far too long and are feeling exhausted, or even angry?

Do you feel like time is ticking and you still don’t have your baby?

Do you wonder why it is not happening for you?

Do you feel like a failure and as if your body is betraying you?

Does it hurt and feel like it’s not fair?

And wouldn’t it be great to stop running from appointment to appointment, from one procedure to another, and actually start living in the moment and feel good about it?

Wouldn’t it be incredible if you were no longer triggered by seeing babies on the street, or baby accessories in the shops, and gain back hope and belief that you may have all that very soon?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to relax and feel like an empowered phenomenal woman?


A seven-week programme that will help you find the answer to why you are not getting what you want. Together we will remove the limiting beliefs or blocks that are preventing you from having your happy family. Along with freeing your mind, you will also purify your body and prepare it for an exciting journey. You will learn how to relax and trust your body. I will help you find strength from your past and the painful path you have been on. And will empower you to be a phenomenal woman, as you are but just don’t know it yet.
After the programme you will feel transformed, in a higher energy frequency, and will be able to achieve whatever you desire. You will feel much more positive and believe that you can have what you want. You will feel supported, confident and inspired to take actions to become the mother you were meant to be.

During the seven weeks, you will get:

  • A one-to-one deep dive session (1 hour)
  • Two one-to-one live-changing Rapid Transformational Therapy sessions (2 hours each)
  • Two personalised transformational recordings (21-day programming)
  • Two follow up sessions to encourage you throughout the journey
  • Weekly coaching sessions to teach you a whole new way of thinking
  • A personal dietary plan and recipes
  • A gratitude journal
  • A progress report
  • Me, available online every day of your journey.

Wouldn’t it be nice to finally have and enjoy a family like all your friends do?

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Perhaps, you have been told that there is nothing wrong with your body, and yet still it is not performing for you.
  • Most likely, you feel you’ve tried everything from diet changes to expensive supplements, from yoga, acupuncture to psychotherapy. And even though there are some improvements, you are still not pregnant, you are still irritable, even angry, feeling worthless and hopeless, experiencing a whole-body ache of deep sadness. Another… damn… month!
  • Probably you even went through a few IVF cycles, and still nothing, just disappointment and emptiness.
  • Perhaps, you are afraid your partner is going to eventually have enough of this and leave you.
  • Maybe, you are worried that your family is suffering as a result of seeing you so sad and angry each month and the guilt is eating you up from the inside.
  • Perhaps, you immerse yourself in your professional life, wanting to escape the helpless family world around you.
  • Perhaps you’ve even had moments where you begin to wonder whether everyone would be better off without you.

I know all of this. I have been there. 

Even though I had a beautiful and healthy child in my early 20s, it took me 20 years to have my second child. Going through my own struggles and disappointments I learnt so much. Which is why I would love to pass on my knowledge to help you make your dream of having a family become a reality. Whilst teaching you to relax, accept and love yourself, be present here and now, and become more empowered as a woman, than you ever imagined.

What I’ve learned about women experiencing infertility is that they have two things in common:

  • They are either too obsessed with their career or are on a crossroad, not knowing their purpose in life, that family and babies are out of the picture, until they hear the internal feminine clock ticking.
  • They have experienced childhood trauma, which results in not loving or trusting themselves and these wounds show up in adulthood.

I believe that you cannot heal what you do not understand. And sometimes the real reason (pain, trauma) is hidden deep inside and you need a key to unlock it. To do that you may need to go deeper into an awareness of yourself. You may even need to get vulnerable. Then and only then you would be able to get clarity and understanding. 

The trouble is, that if you have deep-seated pain, you almost certainly came up with something to help you keep going and avoid the pain. Where in fact, our vulnerability is a gift, which allows us to feel and sense deeply. Without letting myself unfold and go through what I needed to, I wouldn’t be the therapist I am, and the sensitive, caring woman I remain. 

The therapy you experience in the Embryonic programme allows you to heal your emotional wounds, shift your awareness, transform your beliefs, achieve inner peace and tap into the universal unconditional love. This is why, I am so passionate about helping couples get ready for their bundle of joy.


My signature programme where we work together one-to-one that will transform you forever. Before we work together, we need to meet to ensure you are a good match for the programme and get the right strategy for you. I only take on clients I am confident I can help.

The programme includes:

Introductory assessment

Assessing your starting point – it’s hard to know where you are going if you don’t know where you are starting.

Purifying your body and mind

Scrubbing the debris out of your life, so that we are eliminating anything that is getting in the way of your success.

Nourishing and move your body, train your mind

Optimal meal-movement-mindfulness plan for pregnancy.

The magic of transformation

Transforming all the subconscious beliefs and resistances that are preventing you getting pregnant.

The wisdom of your ancestors

We will use the wisdom of your ancestors to empower you on your journey, so you meet the challenges you are facing along the way easily and confidently.

Evaluating your progress

Evaluating the transformation through this programme, so you can build on the learning and the transformation as you move forward.