How the mind works

You have five senses through which you perceive and explore the material world – sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. There is so much going on around you that you only consciously pay attention to the things you are required to or desire to. There is so much information stored in your memory that you would go crazy if you had to think about it all. Therefore, your mind filters the incoming information, compares what is to what is known


Wake up and smell the coffee

At one time or another we all experience difficult times in our journey through life. Sometimes we merely survive the upset. Sometimes we are left with unresolved anger and a lingering or lifelong feeling of unjustness and unfairness. Sometimes we experience a greater sense of ourselves and our abilities. We realise that we can not only survive but that we have intelligence, instincts, and strengths beyond what we previously believed. Sometimes we experience a peace that is more profound that