Wake up and smell the coffee

At one time or another we all experience difficult times in our journey through life. Sometimes we merely survive the upset. Sometimes we are left with unresolved anger and a lingering or lifelong feeling of unjustness and unfairness. Sometimes we experience a greater sense of ourselves and our abilities. We realise that we can not only survive but that we have intelligence, instincts, and strengths beyond what we previously believed. Sometimes we experience a peace that is more profound that we ever imagined. Sometimes our self-confidence expands. Many times we learn the power of letting go. And many times we learn that we are not the things we own or we are not the other half of another person. 

What is life about? Why do these “calamities” befall us? Why are we here? 

I believe that we are here to learn who we really are. I believe that we are here to grow in our power, love, intelligence and sense of self. I believe we are here to demonstrate to ourselves that we can survive and that after and through survival we rise to higher levels of spiritual and internal power. When I use the word power, I mean the ability, capacity and action of generating, of creating this divine power within that many times has lain dormant waiting to be awakened.

Are you experiencing a wakeup call right now?

Are you being challenged beyond reason?

Are you unsure of your ability to survive or cope? 

Know that you are more than this experience. 

Know that you are divine. 

Know that, on some level, you may even have created this event for your own growth or wakeup call. 

Know that this may be a turning point in your life. 

Know that you may discover a part of yourself that you never knew existed. 

Know that in time you may look back at this experience and call it the best thing that could have happened to you. 

Know that it is not ‘bad’ and either are you. 

Know that you are a creator. 

Know that life is with you, whether you feel it now or not. 

Know that you have the ability to look at what occurred or is occurring and figure out what you could have done differently to have prevented this. 

Know that it really is okay that you didn’t prevent it. 

Learn from this experience. 

Know that everything passes. 

Know that life goes on. 

Know that you are more than this experience. 

Know there is a reason for it. 

Know it may turn into a gift. 

Know that you are incredibly special. 

Know that you are loved. 

Know that it doesn’t mean you are a failure. 

Know that is doesn’t mean anything negative about you. 

You haven’t done anything that bad to cause the sun to stop shining over you. It is a life experience. That is all. And it is an opportunity to be stretched, to go beyond your comfort zone, to find out how much you really are. It is your challenge. 

Rise to the occasion and show yourself who you are. Look for and find the opportunity that is awaiting you. It is there. Know you are more important and worth more than what is happening. Know, as time passes, everything will be fine. Know that you are the one that can make it better.

Unfold and start the journey of your evolution!